Mission, Vision & Values


Lever for Change accelerates social change. We embolden donors and problem solvers to think big and leverage investments in effective solutions.


We envision a world where donors and problem solvers join forces to accelerate social change through investments in people and communities.


Lever for Change’s model was designed to remove some of the barriers that lead to inequity in philanthropy. We encourage donors to broaden access to funding by shifting away from an invitation-only model to an open-call to source potential problem solvers.

We share our ambition and knowledge with the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors, yet we recognize our place in a complex ecosystem where the experts on a given issue are the people who know it best: those who experience its consequences first-hand.

We center our work on the core values of openness, transparency, equity, and inclusion. We take intentional steps to ensure these values are represented throughout the services we provide and in each of our challenges.

Help Fund Bold Solutions

Join us and help fund bold, effective solutions that accelerate social change.

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