Reef Aid - Securing the Future of the Great Barrier Reef

Greening Australia Limited

Greening Australia and Traditional Owners will build a secure future for the Great Barrier Reef and the livelihoods of its Traditional Owners, by together improving water quality, biodiversity and reef resilience.

Last Updated: January 2023
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Climate Change & Environment
Current Work Location(s):
  • Australia
  • Australia
Priority Population(s):
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • 13. Climate action
  • 14. Life below water
  • 17. Partnerships for the goals

Executive Summary

The Great Barrier Reef is under threat. It has lost more than half its coral cover since 1985 due to climate change and poor water quality. Every year millions of tonnes of fine sediment flow onto the Reef and devastate the ecosystem.

The Great Barrier Reef supports the culture and livelihoods of 70 Traditional Owner groups who have been its custodians for more than 60,000 years, yet they are largely excluded from its management.
Together Greening Australia and Traditional Owners are ready to restore 2,000 hectares—4,900 acres—of eroded land and 10,000 hectares—24,700 acres—of wetlands at priority sites using a proven solution to prevent 400,000 tonnes—440,000 tons—of sediment from polluting the Reef each year. Our effort will improve water quality, strengthen the Reef’s resilience to climate change and enhance Indigenous livelihoods and wellbeing.

We will co-design and co-deliver our solution with Traditional Owners, create Indigenous enterprises, stimulate environmental markets, and introduce a revolving fund that ensures long-term impact.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Greening Australia Limited

Organization Headquarters
Melbourne, State of Victoria, Australia
Organization ID
40 002 963 788
Number of Full-time Employees
51 to 100
Annual Operating Budget
$10.1 to 25 Million

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The Reef Aid team achieved significant milestones in 2020, including completing the largest gully remediation project in the Reef catchments: the restoration of 13 hectares—32 acres—of eroded gullies and 110 hectares—271 acres—of wetlands. A unique partnership with the Queensland Government brought a $2 AUD million co-investment into the sector, prevented more than 8,500 tonnes—nearly 9,400 tons—of sediment from reaching the Great Barrier Reef, and created more than 50 local jobs.

This project has helped transform large-scale gully remediation projects. Moving into 2021, the Reef Aid program is focused on scale and impact, which will be achieved through developing environmental markets to provide the investment required. This includes focusing on the two biggest threats to the Reef: poor water quality and climate change. The coming year will see the development of investable projects around carbon (through revegetation), water quality (Reef Credits), and biodiversity, as well as ensuring strong partnerships and co-design with landholders and Indigenous people.

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