Sistahbiz: Cultivating Black and Women-Owned 7-Figure Enterprises

Equality Can't Wait Challenge
Foundation for Black Entrepreneurship

Sistahbiz, and a consortium of lenders and partners, will help Black women-owned businesses reach 7-figure earnings with guaranteed loans, coaching, training, and technical assistance.

Last Updated: October 2023
Competition Participation
Equality Can't Wait Challenge
Equality Can't Wait Challenge
Current Work Location(s):
  • Colorado, United States of America
  • Georgia, United States of America
  • North Carolina, United States of America
  • Oklahoma, United States of America
  • Texas, United States of America
  • California, United States of America
  • Colorado, United States of America
  • District of Columbia, United States of America
Priority Population(s):
  • People of African descent
  • Self-employed people
  • Women and girls (all ages)
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 10. Reduced inequalities

Executive Summary

Black women are currently the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S., but are also among the lowest-earning and least-funded. Black women entrepreneurs are more likely to own part-time businesses, have no employees, and encounter a variety of barriers, rooted in racist and sexist systems, to becoming scaled enterprises. By providing culturally responsive training and coaching, high-touch technical assistance, and a $500,000 business loan fund for Black women, Sistahbiz works to fast-track Black women entrepreneurs to 7-figure earnings. We are requesting funds to scale our training and technical assistance programs, and launch a guarantee fund that will increase bank loans to Black women. This work will accelerate the growth of Black women-owned enterprises, narrow race and gender gaps in entrepreneurship, and serve as a community wealth-building strategy for African Americans, in turn helping to eliminate disparities in housing, healthcare, and more.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Foundation for Black Entrepreneurship

Organization Headquarters
Colorado, United States of America
Organization ID
Number of Full-time Employees
< 10
Annual Operating Budget
< $1 Million

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