Racial Equity 2030

Building an Anti-Racist Public Education System in Brazil


ActionAid, the Brazilian National Campaign on the Right to Education, CONAQ, UneAFRO Brasil, Geledés, and Ação Educativa will work together to transform the Brazilian school network into the world’s first anti-racist education system harnessing youth, education, and black movements and triggering a national healing process.

Last Updated: July 2022
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Executive Summary

There is an urgent need for transformative structural change in Brazilian society, which has never addressed a deeply damaging racial divide. The momentum for change is here—young people, education campaigns, and black and indigenous movements are ready to work together. The time to act is now given the current context of COVID-19 and regressive populist actors promoting conservative social values. Youth and students of colour, their schools, families, and communities will benefit.

ActionAid will (1) develop a compelling, multi-media evidence-base of the lived experience of racism in education and wider Brazilian society; (2) facilitate national dialogue on structural racism; (3) mobilise an anti-racism grassroots campaign to transform public education systems in four areas: curriculum, teacher-training, school culture, and education financing; and (4) build solidarity between grassroots movements internationally, promoting international cooperation on anti-racist education by nurturing a global network of activists, campaigners, and researchers sharing learning and practical solutions.

Organization Details
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Organization Headquarters
Gauteng, South Africa
Organization ID
Number of Full-time Employees
101 to 300
Annual Operating Budget
$50.1 to 100 Million

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