Earth's Call Fund


Earth’s Call Fund is a new nonprofit organization that finds and funds innovative solutions to fight the climate crisis. Adopting the collaborative framework of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) — particularly SDG 17, Partnerships — Earth's Call has formed a cornerstone partnership with Lever for Change. Earth’s Call will launch a $20 million global competition in May 2020 — the first phase of their $50 million commitment to fund bold proposals to combat climate change through Lever for Change.

Additionally, Earth’s Call is exploring partnerships with other key nonprofits, ranging from organizations researching soil regeneration to youth-oriented innovation labs formed to support the UN’s SDGs.

Earth’s Call was created around the belief that many of the most hopeful solutions to fight climate change get too little funding and attention — while those with funds and attention often struggle to connect with true innovators. Earth’s Call will be a financial catalyst for deserving environmental pioneers, so they can concentrate on solving humanity’s most complex and immediate problem: rising global temperatures.

John JohnsonGlobal