Custom Competitions

Lever for Change manages custom competitions for philanthropists, which allows them to identify the best organizations and collaborations working on specific issues they care about, spot emerging trends, and find opportunities outside their current networks. Competitions also help focus public attention on issues and areas that might not usually receive philanthropic funding and source ideas at lower cost than many traditional approaches to philanthropy. Lastly, the open call format of Lever for Change competitions welcomes participation from all interested applicants, ensuring an inclusive process.

Lever for Change designs each competition to identify the most effective and enduring solutions that address the issues that matter most to the individual sponsor. With a minimum award size of $10 million, competitions employ a transparent and rigorous process to source, vet, and evaluate proposals. From launch to grantee selection, competitions typically require one year to execute.

If a donor wants to find a highly rated, vetted philanthropic opportunity in any number of fields (e.g., climate change, economic mobility, etc.), Lever for Change uses its platform and staff to run a competition in that area. In doing so, it manages every step of the process to provide a seamless donor experience. This includes competition design and launch, proposal evaluation, technical support for top applicants, support in grantee selection, and post-grant management—with the level of donors’ involvement tailored to their preference and capacity.

Kelsey Hicks