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Why $10+ Million?
By: Yoon-Chan Kim, 2019 Intern, Lever for Change | September 23, 2019
Newsletter Article
In Appreciation of Marca Bristo
By: Kristen Molyneaux Ph.D. | September 12, 2019
Blog wins WebAward
September 11, 2019
Big grant, big learnings
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | August 6, 2019
Our First Year of 100&Change: Successes, Challenges, and Learnings from Ahlan Simsim
By: Rene Celaya | July 30, 2019
Rene Celaya, Managing Director of Ahlan Simsim, reflects on Sesame Workshop and IRC’s progress in 2018 on their 100&Change project to support early childhood education in the Syrian response region.
The Case for Video in Grant Applications
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad and Jeff Ubois | July 23, 2019
Lever for Change CEO Cecilia Conrad and VP of Knowledge Management Jeff Ubois make the case that using video helps organizations tell their story in memorable, informative, and persuasive ways.
5 best quotes heard at #AVPN2019
By: AVPN | July 18, 2019
Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) showcased the most impactful speeches at their 2019 AVPN Conference with this piece on the five best quotes they heard. Lever for Change CEO Cecilia Conrad’s keynote speech, which included an insightful quote from her mother-in-law, is among the five listed.
Assess Your Organizational Readiness
By: Kristen Molyneaux Ph.D. | May 16, 2019
Q&A: MacArthur Foundation's Cecilia Conrad On How A Single $100 Million Grant Can Move The Needle
April 22, 2019
Media article
The way Cecilia Conrad of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation tells it, there are many philanthropists with untold wealth on the sidelines while worthy charitable organizations striving for social change go unnoticed or under-resourced.
Connecting the "Will" with the "Way" to Expedite Change
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | April 16, 2019
Media article
Linking vision and strategy, dreamers and doers, changemakers and problem solvers. That’s the key to solving the challenges that confront communities around the country – and one of the main goal of Upswell. It’s also the goal of the MacArthur Foundation’s new nonprofit affiliate, Lever for Change, intended to connect philanthropists and social change organizations. Throw in the fact that Lever for Change, like MacArthur, is based in Chicago – where Upswell is headed this November – and we knew the stars had aligned!

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