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From left to right: Kat Rosqueta (Founding Executive Director, CHIP), Lauren Sato (CEO, Ada Developers Academy), Sonya Passi (Founder & CEO, FreeFrom), Angeline Murimirwa (Executive Director, CAMFED International), Cecilia Conrad (CEO, Lever for Change), Maanda Ngoitiko (Founder & Executive Director, Pastoral Women's Council), Kelly Andrews (Director of Knowledge Management and Marketing, CHIP), Jeff Ubois (VP, Knowledge Management, Lever for Change)
Addressing Structural Inequality: New Tool from Center for High Impact Philanthropy
By: Jeff Ubois | May 13, 2022
For the last two years, we have worked with the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) at the University of Pennsylvania to develop a toolkit called “Choosing Change: How to Assess Grant Proposals for Their Potential to Address Structural Inequality.” This free resource includes recommendations and criteria that can help donors who wish to identify ideas and proposals that have the best chance of reducing structural inequalities.
Per Scholas students using laptop computers in a classroom.
A Year of Opportunity with Per Scholas
By: Vernon Smith and Brenda Urueta | December 15, 2021
Grantee Update
In December 2020, premier technology workforce development organization Per Scholas was announced as the awardee of the $10 million Economic Opportunity Challenge. Their “Proven Pathways to Transformative Careers in Tech” project will improve economic opportunities for low-income individuals within the United States.
An image of Dr. Cecilia Conrad smiling.
Our Thanksgiving wish: Bigger pies, more equity
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | November 18, 2021
Newsletter Article
Thanksgiving makes me think of pecan pie and pecan pie makes me think of pareto optimality. What can I tell you? I’m an economist.
Accelerate for Impact
By: Rahul Shah, Shivani Desai, and Eesha Mullick | September 28, 2021
Bold Solutions Network
Lever for Change’s Bold Solutions Network matches donors with outstanding nonprofits and social enterprises that are selected as finalists in Lever for Change competitions. Bold Solutions Network members are then eligible to access learning and technical support opportunities in the form of webinars, pro bono services, coaching, workshops, cohort support, and peer networking. These opportunities are designed to continue to help strengthen members' project design and plans, as well as to increase the impact of their work.
Storytelling for Impact: Summer Interns Reflect on their Projects
August 16, 2021
As we approach the end of our fast-paced, 10-week summer internship program at Lever for Change, we have been trying to answer a question that is central to the work of the organization: How can we tell impactful stories that will accelerate large-scale change in philanthropy? To that end, we have evaluated how stories can and should engage an audience, how Lever for Change is using storytelling to write their own narrative as an organization, and what these findings mean for the future.
Cecilia Conrad headshot
The Power of Partnership
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | July 29, 2021
Newsletter Article
A friend of mine, a master teacher, is fond of an exercise in which she asks her students to briefly study a dime and then, without looking back at it, write down 10 of its features. Most can only recall two or three. Then she asks students to join forces in small groups and, working together, most can now reconstruct the full list. How does this apply to our work at Lever for Change? We’ve learned that working in partnership with others often leads to increased productivity and better outcomes for all.
An image of Dr. Cecilia Conrad smiling.
Lever for Change Honored to be Included Among MacKenzie Scott's 286 Teams Empowering Voices the World Needs to Hear
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | June 15, 2021
Since the inception of Lever for Change in 2019, we have developed and managed nine large-scale challenges to change the world. Working tirelessly toward our goal to unlock $1 billion in philanthropic giving by 2023, we have partnered with dozens of donors and amplified the work of hundreds of people and organizations with bold solutions to address the most intractable problems of our time.
Kenya_Generic Instructors Course (GIC) 3.jpg
100&Change: When a loss becomes a win
By: Rebecca Richards-Kortum Ph.D. | May 17, 2021
Newsletter Article
On April 7, six teams gave their final pitch to win $100 million in the MacArthur Foundation’s second 100&Change competition. That same day, five of them learned they lost. These teams will all keep working after the recipient is announced, but this loss cuts deep. I know, because I was part of a team that “lost” in the final round of the first 100&Change competition.
Cousins Majed (right) and Majida (left) study on their iPads provided by the Basmeh & Zeitooneh Education Program at Shatila Camp, Beirut after switching from face-to-face learning activities to online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learnings from our experience with the Larsen Lam ICONIQ Impact Award
By: Diana Essex-Lettieri and Sana Mustafa | May 17, 2021
Newsletter Article
As a family of national civil society organizations, Asylum Access believes in the power of “proximate” solutions: we know from our experiences that those closest to experiences of displacement are best placed to confront the obstacles that face their communities. As the movement for refugee leadership in response to refugee issues grew stronger, and the calls for refugee participation made it into prominent spaces – like the (UN Refugee Agency) UNHCR’s 2019 Global Refugee Forum – Asylum Access looked inward and asked: Where do we fit? How do we help? By our assessment, the calls for change were surface-level and lacked pathways for implementation. We needed massive investment for system-wide change. At the time, it was hard to envision unlocking that kind of funding.
Introducing our new Swift Grants
By: Vernon Smith | May 17, 2021
Newsletter Article
Lever for Change is excited to launch Swift Grants – a new funding opportunity for Bold Solutions Network members offering small grants of up to $25,000 for collaborative projects.

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