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Bold Solutions Network Update

Bold Solutions Network Opportunities for Donors

April 29, 2020

Lever for Change’s Bold Solutions Network aims to inspire philanthropists to dramatically increase their giving by connecting them with organizations and the highly-rated solutions that emerge from the open and transparent competitions we manage.

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The proposals featured on the Bold Solutions Network have benefited from rigorous third-party evaluations, due diligence, and technical assistance, so donors can feel confident that they are supporting effective and impactful organizations.

In the Bold Solutions Network, Lever for Change provides Subject Guides which offer donors the opportunity to view curated collections of top proposals in a given issue area. Each subject guide includes a compilation of the 2-page factsheets that the organizations created to promote their work, links to the projects’ profile pages which showcase information that was captured during the application process, and links to the project overview videos submitted by organizations to summarize their work. For donors interested in providing significant financial support to Bold Solutions Network proposals, Lever for Change is happy to answer questions about the projects and/or broker connections to the organizations. If you are interested in these services or want to request a curated collection of top proposals in another issue area that is not featured on the Subject Guides page, please contact Dana Rice, Vice President of Philanthropy.

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