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Bold Solutions Network Update

MacKenzie Scott funds members of our Bold Solutions Network

August 3, 2020

Last week, MacKenzie Scott announced $1.67 billion in grants to 116 organizations, following up on her Giving Pledge commitment to give away her personal fortune during her lifetime.

In an article announcing the grants, Scott described the qualities she sought to recognize through her giving: "Driven by a deep belief in the value different backgrounds bring to problem-solving on any issue, we selected for diversity in leadership across all categories of giving, supporting vital variety of perspective and experience in solutions on every cause. All of these leaders and organizations have a track record of effective management and significant impact in their fields."

We were delighted that members of our Bold Solutions Network were listed among the recipients, including:


Family Independence Initiative

Futures Without Violence

Grameen America, Inc.

Project ECHO

The Nature Conservancy

Congratulations to these teams on their new grants! Read MacKenzie Scott's letter for more information. 

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