Technical support

For every Lever for Change competition we have two critical goals: 

1.     To make the selection of an awardee as difficult as possible by ensuring the finalists have the strongest possible proposals by the time they reach the donor  

2.     To provide valuable support and feedback for all finalists participating in the competition so they emerge with stronger proposals  

Many organizations do not have excess funds to spend on receiving strategic support to crystalize their strategy and increase their impact.  Working with the right technical providers can help organizations and teams build strong plans and identify gaps or weaknesses in their proposed projects and systems. We find that providing technical support to finalists, enables teams to put forward competitive plans with well-articulated goals and processes to support their learning and impact. 

Our goal is that all finalists emerge with strong, fundable plans enhanced with support from the technical advisors we provide during the competition process.

From previous experience we know that organizations tend to struggle in a few key areas: 

  • Expanding, Adapting, and Scaling successful interventions

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

  • Strategic Communications & Fundraising

During the competition design phase, Lever for Change will recommend the type of support and provider for your finalists based on:

  • Unique needs of your competition

  • Known challenges/weaknesses of organizations in the field of your competition

  • Geo-location of organizations

We typically have 1-2 providers that work with any given competition; however, donors may increase the level of support from our base package if they are interested.  

Our partnerships grow as we work with providers and gain confidence in their ability to work well with a variety of organizations.  We seek out partners that adhere to the following philosophy when working with social change organizations:

  • Critical Friend to Finalists: Provide critical yet respectful feedback to organizations in the spirit of strengthening the overall work and impact

  • Listen & Respect the knowledge and expertise of organizations’ leaders and staff

  • Value openness & transparency in all the work in which they are engaged

  • Diverse and inclusive both in terms of their own staffing as well as the perspective they bring to their work

Current list of partners