Lone Star Prize

The Lone Star Depression Challenge

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

Improving Health Outcomes: Strengthen health systems and/or improve health outcomes for Texas residents and their communities.

Last Updated: January 2022
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Executive Summary

Before COVID-19, depression held 1.5 million Texans in its grip each year and suicide had become the third leading cause of death. COVID-19 is accelerating diseases of despair, laying bare broader inequities across race, ethnicity, and income. Over 3,000 Texans die each year from suicide, and depression costs billions in lost productivity, plus the human and economic burdens of co-morbid disease such as diabetes and heart disease. The Lone Star Depression Challenge scales three existing initiatives statewide: (1) The Cloudbreak Initiative driving primary care-based clinical solutions across leading health systems; (2) The Path Forward to help Texas businesses purchase better care; and (3) EMPOWER to augment our workforce with culture-spanning community health workers. These strategies transformed care for heart disease and cancer over the last two decades, and they will save thousands of lives and improve health outcomes for hundreds of thousands if you join us in meeting the Challenge.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute

website: https://mmhpi.org/
Organization Headquarters
Texas, United States
Organization ID
Number of Full-time Employees
51 to 100
Annual Operating Budget
$10.1 to 25 Million

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