About Us

Founded as a nonprofit affiliate of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation in 2019, Lever for Change has influenced more than $900 million in grants and provided support to more than 140 organizations to date.

Lever for Change leverages investments in solutions to the world’s biggest problems — from racial and gender equity to climate change. By matching donors with problem solvers — through customized challenges and tailored funding opportunities — Lever for Change accelerates social change. Outstanding teams from these challenges form the Bold Solutions Network, which focuses on elevating organizations and catalyzing further funding.

Our Approach

Our model is grounded in the knowledge that we will not solve the world’s biggest problems through a modest, piecemeal approach. We need urgency and scale. To this end, Lever for Change leverages investments in bold solutions to accelerate social change.

Key to our work is matching donors with our growing network of problem solvers. Our staff provides philanthropic advice and expertise to help donors source equitable solutions to address significant social issues – no matter their experience, staffing levels, or areas of interest.

Lever for Change is building the infrastructure for a more collaborative and intentional philanthropic ecosystem; one that is rooted in transparency, openness, equity, and inclusivity.

By creating a bigger tent, we believe we can better help philanthropists find and fund the bold solutions required to address the world’s biggest problems.

For those looking to make immediate investments, we offer philanthropic advice, enhanced curation, and our Bold Solutions Network, a public and inclusive network of rigorously vetted, expert-reviewed projects. We support members to ensure they are well-positioned to absorb philanthropic resources at scale and amplify their impact.

For donors looking to invest in large-scale opportunities, we develop customized challenges of $10 million or more – transparent and equitable open calls designed to attract potential donors and applicants.

Lever for Changes manages the entire process, from beginning to end, including the due diligence and awardee selection process, as well as support to both the donor(s) and the participating teams. We then leverage this pipeline of bold solutions by elevating outstanding ideas and seeking further funding from more donors.

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