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Bold Solutions Network Experience with Catchafire
By: Vernon Smith | February 26, 2024
The Bold Solutions Network is a vital component of our mission to accelerate social change.
The Promise of Mental Health in Texas and Beyond
By: Ted Gregory | May 30, 2023
Grantee Update
Impact Story
A collaborative effort to treat mental illness is growing faster and spreading wider than anticipated.
Sruti (second from right) has been supported to care for her children at home with the help of the government of India, Changing the Way We Care, and local partners.
Changing the Way We Care for Families in India
September 7, 2022
Bold Solutions Network
Changing the Way We Care, a global initiative promoting family-based care for all children and a 100&Change finalist in 2017, knows the best place for a child is with family. Jomey Joseph of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) India and Anne Smith of Changing the Way We Care explain why family care is critical to helping families to stay together.
With Self Help Africa, HarvestPlus empowered refugees living in Uganda to grow orange sweet potatoes.
Growing resilience
By: Ted Gregory, Guest Contributor | July 14, 2022
Grantee Update
Impact Story
In 2017, HarvestPlus team members initially shed tears over missing their shot at $100 million to solve ‘hidden hunger’ in Africa. Five years later, the organization is becoming a global force in addressing malnutrition.
Community Solutions-erica-holmes-interacting-with-client-andrew-overby-900.jpg
Helping Communities End Homelessness
May 19, 2022
Media article
In this overview by 100&Change recipient, Community Solutions, the team highlights the stories of communities to illustrate how homelessness can be solved by working together, knowing the people experiencing homelessness and their needs, and sustaining the effort long term.
From left to right: Kat Rosqueta (Founding Executive Director, CHIP), Lauren Sato (CEO, Ada Developers Academy), Sonya Passi (Founder & CEO, FreeFrom), Angeline Murimirwa (Executive Director, CAMFED International), Cecilia Conrad (CEO, Lever for Change), Maanda Ngoitiko (Founder & Executive Director, Pastoral Women's Council), Kelly Andrews (Director of Knowledge Management and Marketing, CHIP), Jeff Ubois (VP, Knowledge Management, Lever for Change)
Addressing Structural Inequality: New Tool from Center for High Impact Philanthropy
By: Jeff Ubois | May 13, 2022
For the last two years, we have worked with the Center for High Impact Philanthropy (CHIP) at the University of Pennsylvania to develop a toolkit called “Choosing Change: How to Assess Grant Proposals for Their Potential to Address Structural Inequality.” This free resource includes recommendations and criteria that can help donors who wish to identify ideas and proposals that have the best chance of reducing structural inequalities.
Starting with four countries in sub-Saharan Africa, NEST360 works to reduce newborn deaths in Africa by 50 percent in a decade.
Something ‘amazing’ happened
By: Ted Gregory, Guest Contributor | April 15, 2022
Competition Update
Bold Solutions Network
Impact Story
A plan to reduce Africa’s infant mortality fell short of winning the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s first $100 million competition. Then plan leaders took their show back on the road.
Per Scholas students using laptop computers in a classroom.
A Year of Opportunity with Per Scholas
By: Vernon Smith and Brenda Urueta , Summer Intern | December 15, 2021
Grantee Update
Impact Story
In December 2020, premier technology workforce development organization Per Scholas was announced as the awardee of the $10 million Economic Opportunity Challenge. Their “Proven Pathways to Transformative Careers in Tech” project will improve economic opportunities for low-income individuals within the United States.
Jad shares a story with friends in Amman, Jordan.
A Year of Adaptation at Ahlan Simsim
October 20, 2021
Bold Solutions Network
Sesame Workshop was awarded the MacArthur Foundation’s inaugural 100&Change grant, in December 2017, for its collaboration with the International Rescue Committee to create Ahlan Simsim, a show for a rising generation of children affected by conflict and displacement across the Middle East and North Africa. Now, René Celaya of Sesame Workshop and Marianne Stone of International Rescue Committee share lessons learned from Ahlan Simsim's third year.
Cousins Majed (right) and Majida (left) study on their iPads provided by the Basmeh & Zeitooneh Education Program at Shatila Camp, Beirut after switching from face-to-face learning activities to online amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Learnings from our experience with the Larsen Lam ICONIQ Impact Award
By: Diana Essex-Lettieri and Sana Mustafa | May 17, 2021
Newsletter Article
As a family of national civil society organizations, Asylum Access believes in the power of “proximate” solutions: we know from our experiences that those closest to experiences of displacement are best placed to confront the obstacles that face their communities. As the movement for refugee leadership in response to refugee issues grew stronger, and the calls for refugee participation made it into prominent spaces – like the (UN Refugee Agency) UNHCR’s 2019 Global Refugee Forum – Asylum Access looked inward and asked: Where do we fit? How do we help? By our assessment, the calls for change were surface-level and lacked pathways for implementation. We needed massive investment for system-wide change. At the time, it was hard to envision unlocking that kind of funding.

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