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100&Change: When a loss becomes a win
By: Rebecca Richards-Kortum Ph.D. | May 17, 2021
Newsletter Article
On April 7, six teams gave their final pitch to win $100 million in the MacArthur Foundation’s second 100&Change competition. That same day, five of them learned they lost. These teams will all keep working after the recipient is announced, but this loss cuts deep. I know, because I was part of a team that “lost” in the final round of the first 100&Change competition.
The Top 100 Respond to COVID-19
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | April 28, 2020
Grantee Update
Cecilia Conrad, Managing Director of 100&Change and CEO of Lever for Change, shares a snapshot of how the Top 100 100&Change applicants are impacted by COVID-1
The Capacity to Aspire to Change the World
By: Isabel Guerrero, IMAGO Grassroots Global Co-Founder | January 29, 2020
Newsletter Article
At IMAGO Global Grassroots, we work with organizations that want to scale up their impact, including helping them get investment-ready. Like thousands of others, many of our partners were inspired by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition. They imagined what could be possible with $100 million, formed alliances and sent in their applications.
Peer Review: An Authentic, Rarified Glimpse
By: Kristen Molyneaux Ph.D. | October 31, 2019
Kristen Molyneaux, Vice President, Social Impact, Lever for Change, shares insights from the Peer-to-Peer Review process for the 100&Change competition.
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A Promising Start: 755 Solutions
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | September 24, 2019
Cecilia Conrad, Managing Director, 100&Change, provides an early look at the 2019 applicants in our global competition for a single $100 million grant.
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Our First Year of 100&Change: Successes, Challenges, and Learnings from Ahlan Simsim
By: Rene Celaya | July 30, 2019
Rene Celaya, Managing Director of Ahlan Simsim, reflects on Sesame Workshop and IRC’s progress in 2018 on their 100&Change project to support early childhood education in the Syrian response region.

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