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Lever for Change can help you realize your philanthropic goals. Whether you are a seasoned, global donor or just starting your philanthropic journey, we offer a range of services tailored to meet your needs.

Our team of experts has decades of experience across the philanthropic spectrum. From racial and gender equity to economic opportunity and climate change, we have screened, awarded, and supported grants of $10 million to $100 million on a wide variety of topics. We have the perspective, knowledge, and relationships to help guide you on your philanthropic journey.

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Customized Challenges:

A grant challenge is a unique and compelling philanthropic tool that you can use to discover, evaluate, and fund bold solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We support donors who sponsor a Lever for Change challenge every step of the way — from pre-launch advice and determining the scope of the challenge to facilitating the selection of finalists and grantees.

Multiple donors can co-sponsor a challenge and increase the size or number of awards, thus offering exciting collaborative funding opportunities for multiple donors focused on addressing the same problem. For every challenge managed by Lever for Change, our goal is to double the initial award funding, thanks to multiple donors who give additional grants to outstanding organizations in our network. This allows our challenges to channel funding to even more inspiring ideas and help accelerate social change.

Key components of our challenges include: an open call for proposed solutions, clear evaluation criteria, the use of third-party evaluators, constructive feedback on all eligible proposals, and substantive technical support for the finalists selected by the challenge sponsors.

Through this uniquely transparent and equitable process, Lever for Change challenges offer problem solvers a rare opportunity to think big and tell donors what interventions they think are needed to address the social issue at hand.

Since Lever for Change was founded in 2019, we have launched eleven customized challenges, influenced over $2.2 billion in grants, and provided support to more than 175 organizations.

Access to Bold Solutions Network:

Every Lever for Change challenge generates more impactful proposals than any single donor can fund. Our team provides advice and curation of inspiring ideas in our Bold Solutions Network—a growing global network of highly rated proposals from our challenges that are well-positioned to accelerate social change.

If you are seeking to make immediate or smaller-scale investments in bold solutions, you can either independently explore proposals in our network or request a curated collection of top proposals that align with your philanthropic interests.

As you narrow your interest to specific proposals, we can provide additional information and context, including full proposals and due diligence materials, to help you make an informed giving decision. We are also happy to facilitate introductions to organizations featured in our Bold Solutions Network upon request.

We offer technical support and advice to all members of the Bold Solutions Network on an ongoing basis, so you can feel confident that these organizations are well-positioned to absorb significant philanthropic resources and implement their solutions at scale.

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