Achmed Sesay, a Namati paralegal, addresses a gathering of villages in Masethele village, Sierra Leone, in 2013
An illuminating, rewarding journey toward racial equity
By: Ted Gregory, Guest Contributor | June 6, 2024
Bold Solutions Network
Impact Story
While pursuing $20 million challenge grants, two organizations focused their long-term vision and learned about racial equity. After receiving the award, they’re expanding innovative, effective work.
Prioritizing Ourselves and Our Communities This Mental Health Awareness Month
May 14, 2024
In honor of National Mental Health Awareness Month, this list showcases organizations working in the mental health space. It also offers resources for organizations looking to improve organizational wellness and opportunities for donors looking to expand their philanthropic goals.
Reid Hoffman and Lever for Change CEO Cecilia Conrad at the Hypothesis Fund's annual retreat in October 2023
Why Billionaires Like MacKenzie Scott And Reid Hoffman Are Partnering With This Nonprofit Trying To Shake Up Philanthropy
By: Phoebe Liu , Forbes | May 7, 2024
By organizing challenges and pre-screening small nonprofits, Lever for Change has helped a handful of billionaires shift some giving towards global grassroots organizations.
Big Problems, Bold Solutions
Newsletter | April 2024
April 18, 2024
In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we share highlights from the first few months of 2024, including headline-making news and celebrations with past awardees.
Photo of Cecilia Conrad, CEO of Lever for Change
A Letter from our CEO
By: Dr. Cecilia Conrad | April 17, 2024
This month, Cecilia highlights the Yield Giving Open Call, Ahlan Simsim, the LEGO Foundation, members of our network in Asia, and the case for greater transparency in philanthropy.
Lever for Change - Image
Quarterly Update on Funding
By: Adi Menayang | April 15, 2024
Newsletter Article
Bold Solutions Network
To date, Lever for Change has unlocked over $2.2 billion in funding for high-impact solutions and strengthened dozens of top organizations.
OneSky - A woman helps a baby to stand
19 Nonprofits Working in Asia
April 2, 2024
This list showcases organizations working in Asia that provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems. It also offers opportunities for donors looking to expand their philanthropic goals.
Homepage of the Yield Giving Open Call
Yield Giving Expands Award Amount to Deliver $640 Million to 361 U.S. Nonprofits Advancing the Voices and Opportunities of their Communities
By: Marc Moorghen | March 19, 2024
Press Release
Competition Update
A blue and green illustration of graphs and data points designed to look like a city skyline
How Transparent Philanthropy Can Liberate Billions of Dollars — and Do More Good
By: Jeff Ubois | March 12, 2024
Media article
Increased transparency in philanthropy can help build trust with donors, encourage collaboration among organizations, and facilitate better decision-making.
A growing industry is emerging to make philanthropy simpler
January 13, 2024
Media article
Lever for Change featured in The Economist's 2024 Philanthropy Report

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