Curated Collections

Our Curated Collections offer donors the opportunity to find and fund promising solutions to the world's biggest problems. These collections provide easily accessible ways of discovering and comparing highly-rated proposals in a given issue area.

Lever for Change will periodically update this page to include additional collections. For donors interested in providing significant financial support to these proposals, we are happy to answer questions about the projects and/or broker connections to the organizations.

Interested in a Customized Curated List?

Lever for Change offers Customized Curated Lists designed exclusively for you and tailored to your unique philanthropic interests. This complimentary curation service is designed to support you in achieving your funding objectives by identifying exceptional projects that have demonstrated significant impact and are ready to scale.

Our process involves drawing from our Bold Solutions Network, a collection of highly-rated proposals submitted to challenges designed and managed by Lever for Change. We identify projects that align with your philanthropic goals, spanning various issue areas, solution types, and geographic regions. Explore an example Customized Curated List.

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