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The Bold Solutions Network is a vital component of our mission to accelerate social change.

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Credit: Caring Across Generations

Our network includes ideas that have been vigorously vetted and evaluated by our team, sector advisors, and experts, ensuring that only the most promising initiatives take center stage. At the heart of this network lies Catchafire, an innovative platform that connects nonprofit entities with diverse pro-bono professionals ready to provide invaluable organizational and project support. It allows donors to find and fund bold solutions quickly and confidently, fostering a powerful synergy between visionary ideas and meaningful financial support.  

A testament to the transformative power of this collaboration, member organization Caring Across Generations has harnessed Catchafire's resources since 2021, resulting in an astounding $56,284 in staff time and resource savings. Through meaningful volunteer partnerships, Caring Across Generations advances its vital mission of nurturing and advocating for the caregivers who form the bedrock of our nation's communities. Members of our Bold Solutions Network receive ongoing support and are promoted by Lever for Change, ensuring their innovative endeavors gain the visibility they deserve.  

We had the privilege of conversing with Connor Sullivan, the Foundation Engagement Manager at Caring Across Generations, who shares firsthand insights into how Catchafire's volunteers have amplified Caring Across Generations' impact.

Connor Sullivan, Foundation Engagement Manager, Caring Across Generations
Caption: Connor Sullivan, Foundation Engagement Manager, Caring Across Generations

Lever for Change (LFC): Why were you compelled to utilize Catchafire as a service from Lever for Change?

Connor Sullivan (CS): My initial introduction to Catchafire occurred during the spring of 2021 when we were named as finalists for the Equality Can't Wait (ECW) Challenge. I saw an email from Lever for Change that we received access to the platform. I initially signed up so our development team could receive copyediting support for our ECW proposal.

LFC: What type of project support have you received from Catchafire? How has it helped your organization?

CS: In addition to the aforementioned copyediting support, we have received assistance with graphic design, translation, and survey development. We have utilized the platform to generate fundraising collateral, resulting in more resources for our organization and to translate surveys for a research project we conducted in California. We also came across a volunteer with a data science background who was experienced with designing surveys. She helped us build surveys to evaluate our Caring Across Generations Care Fellowship. She was able to draft questions that got at the heart of what we wanted to assess for the fellowship, including exit outcomes for our fellows who completed the program.

Catchafire has streamlined much of our work. Our development and campaigns team have gotten the most out of our membership. I was the only one to use the platform initially, but several colleagues have since created accounts. I have helped guide them through the process. Most of our teams are now on Catchafire.

LFC: What was your experience like working with the Catchafire volunteers?

CS: We have had unequivocally great experiences with the volunteers. We have been able to connect with so many passionate volunteers from so many different sectors. All of the volunteers we have worked with have some connection to our work. They have all completed our projects with thoroughness and care. We were matched with a graphic designer a couple of years ago, that we continue to work with to this day.

LFC: How has Catchafire contributed to your professional development as well as programmatic success?

CS: When we received the invitation to join Catchafire, I had just joined Caring Across Generations as a Development Associate. This was my first real job. Working hands-on with volunteers helped me develop in the role. Working simultaneously alongside volunteers and my team to meet deadlines bolstered my project management skillset.

LFC: How was your experience navigating the Catchafire platform? What would you say to your fellow Bold Solutions Network members about the benefits of Catchafire?

CS: The platform is very user-friendly. You can create an account and start posting projects within minutes. I always highlight how wide-ranging and impressive the offerings are. You can use it to assist with operations, translations, spreadsheets, and data analysis. In my experience using Catchafire, I have rarely struggled to find a volunteer within a short amount of time. I am usually able to match with a volunteer within a week. The platform is seamless with coordinating interviews and connecting with volunteer candidates.

Lever for Change and the Bold Solutions Network sincerely thank Connor for sharing his valuable insights and experiences. His journey with Catchafire and the Bold Solutions Network exemplifies the transformative impact that collaborative platforms can have on organizations striving for meaningful change.

This conversation marks the beginning of an exciting three-part exploration into the multifaceted offerings of the Bold Solutions Network. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the resources, success stories, and innovative partnerships that define this dynamic community.

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