For Finalists

What proposal information is shared with potential donors (future donors that aren’t part of the original group/individual providing the competition award money)?

As a part of our effort to raise the visibility of all finalists and increase their potential to secure additional funding, Lever for Change (LFC) will share relevant proposal and due diligence information with potential donors. While we may share your original proposal and prospectus narrative with a potential donor, it is LFC’s policy to have a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) or other contract that contains an NDA clause in place before sharing any due diligence information or appendices with an external party. In response to an initial request from an interested donor or intermediary, LFC will share the following items, if available:

  • Original submitted proposal
  • Revised Proposal/Prospectus narrative
  • Project Factsheet/Two-page solution overview

Should a prospective donor express interest in learning more about a proposal, including viewing a prospectus’ accompanying appendices or additional due diligence materials, LFC will work with the relevant party to execute a mutual NDA or other contract. Once a signed NDA is in place, LFC will share the following due diligence items as is appropriate and if available:

  • Anonymized Peer-to-Peer and Evaluation Panel scores and comments
  • Revised Proposal/Prospectus appendices
  • Anonymized technical reviews
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion reviews
  • Inclusion of persons with disabilities reviews
  • Organizational legal and financial health reviews
  • LFC insights as applicable and appropriate

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