Primary Healthcare Reducing Inequities through Multilateral Asian-African Regional Initiatives (PRIMAARI)

Trustees of Boston University

Boston University’s Global Health Collaborative assists healthcare leaders in low-resourced countries in Southeast Asia and Africa to improve the delivery of primary care.

Last Updated: January 2023

Executive Summary

Half the world’s population lacks access to the basic, community-based primary healthcare (PHC) systems that are known to prevent illness, reduce inequities, and promote well-being throughout life.

Based at Boston University School of Medicine, the Global Health Collaborative (GHC) works in the world’s most historically disadvantaged countries to improve the quality of PHC by establishing government-approved training programs in Family Medicine in each nation’s leading medical schools. We also collaborate with their health ministries to advocate for policies favorable to primary care. And we help them obtain the international aid needed to disseminate and sustain our programs.

Over 20 years, the GHC has trained thousands of clinicians to provide high-value, community-based PHC. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the GHC and its affiliates were front-line health workers’ indispensable allies. Support for the GHC translates into immediate and long-term benefits to healthcare systems.

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GHC’s principal collaborator in Laos is the office for Family Medicine Development at the University of Health Sciences in Vientiane, where we have delivered nearly two years of formal training for the first cohort of students completing a three-year Masters of Family Medicine training program.

In Myanmar, where our Principal collaborator is the Myanmar Academy of Family Physicians, our master’s program has been approved for recruitment. We also have initiated faculty training in Taunggyi and Magway, and have established online Certificate and Masters programs in Health Professions Education.

GHC’s principal collaborators in Cambodia are the World Bank and the national Ministry of Health. We have completed studies of Cambodian educational programs in health professions—medicine, nursing, midwifery—and of gaps in health professions educational programs.

Lesotho-Boston Health Alliance and the Ministry of Health are GHC’s primary collaborators in Lesotho, where we have provided training for an additional 86 health workers, including senior hospital management in nursing, pharmacy, laboratory services, and clinical departments.

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