Reinventing Climate Change Adaptation for Bangladesh and the World

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT and BRAC transform how communities adapt to catastrophic climate change by combining innovative climate forecasting and adaptation technologies with proven humanitarian and development programming.

Last Updated: January 2023
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Executive Summary

Global climate change is here and accelerating. In this century, portions of South Asia, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Horn of Africa likely will experience conditions incompatible with human life.

The people of Bangladesh witness this firsthand, through extreme heatwaves, rising seas, pervasive flooding, increased salinity in their water supply, and more frequent and intense tropical cyclones. Though reactive adaptation has helped, the coming crisis requires a new, proactive approach to climate resilience.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and BRAC, the international nonprofit empowering people to rise above poverty, will reinvent climate adaptation by creating the Climate Resilience Early Warning System Network (CREWSNET). Beginning in western Bangladesh, CREWSNET leverages a globally proven intervention model and integrates next-generation climate forecasting, predictive analytics, resilience technologies, and financial instruments. This global public good will empower people to plan for—not simply react to—catastrophic change. It also will create a transformative model for climate change adaptation that can be expanded worldwide.

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MIT and BRAC have continued to push this effort forward, focusing on positioning high resolution climate forecasting and agricultural modeling toward vulnerable regions in Bangladesh.

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