Intercultural healthcare for mothers and infants in rural Colombia

Maternal & Infant Health Award

SinergiasONG works hand-in-hand with public and community authorities to consolidate intercultural health models that recognize ancestral health practices of ethnic and rural populations in Colombia.

Last Updated: February 2024

Executive Summary

Provinces with high indigenous and afro-colombian populations in Colombia have the worst maternal and child health (MCH) outcomes. These results stem from the lack of access to health care, low capacities of health personnel to work in cross-cultural settings, high personnel turnover, and low community participation in decision-making.

We want to shift the narrative on how public servants conceive MCH services and rebuild community trust in those systems to achieve sustainable change. The result will improve the health and quality of life for pregnant women and children in five rural Provinces, advancing the consolidation of intercultural health models that recognize ancestral health practices of ethnic and rural populations.

In four years, we will improve the quality of maternal and child health care provided by health institutions through training health personnel on intercultural health, strengthening community health governance systems, and generating meaningful spaces for community participation in decision-making scenarios.

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