Everyday Activist

Stronger Democracy Award
Rise Education Fund

Everyday Activist will erase gaps in civic participation among 7 million youth by scaling up an innovative model and technology for peer mobilization by 2024.

Last Updated: August 2023

Executive Summary

Youth voter participation increased by 11% between the 2016 and 2020 elections. Still, approximately half of eligible youth did not vote, largely because of structural barriers such as inconsistent civics education, less dedicated outreach from campaigns and organizations, and voter suppression targeting youth. To address these barriers to democratic participation, Rise, BallotReady, and Black Youth Vote are launching Everyday Activist.

Everyday Activist builds on the successful model of peer-led youth civic education and mobilization that Everyday Activist partners pioneered in 2020. Young organizers had multiple, personal conversations with friends and peers using a comprehensive voting information center created by BallotReady. The 50,000 youth who made plans to vote this way voted at rates 27% higher than youth overall. Everyday Activist will scale up this approach by improving civic education technology and investing in youth-led organizations’ capacity to mobilize seven million young voters by November 2024.

Organization Details
Lead Organization

Rise Education Fund

website: http://Risefree.org
Organization Headquarters
United States of America
Organization ID
Number of Full-time Employees
10 to 25
Annual Operating Budget
$1.0 to 5 Million

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