2021 Swift Grants Update: New Energy Nexus & Power For All

Welcome to our blog series updates on Lever for Change's 2021 Swift Grants! In May 2021, Lever for Change introduced this Award to provide small grants to members of the Bold Solutions Network for collaborative projects. These grants allow some of the world's top problem solvers to leverage their expertise and work together to find innovative solutions in their respective fields. We are excited to share updates on the progress and impact of these projects as they unfold. Stay tuned for more information on the 2021 Swift Grants and the work being done by the Bold Solutions Network!

Lever for Change is excited to share an update on the collaboration between New Energy Nexus and Power for All as 2021 Swift Grants Awardees of the Bold Solutions Network. The partnership aims to equip aspiring clean energy entrepreneurs globally with the knowledge and tools to launch their start-ups by implementing an "Energy Microgrids" course.

Credit: New Energy Nexus

Collaboration in Action

The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the inadequacy of energy infrastructure in many countries and the interdependence of energy in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals. This action has renewed interest in modern, distributed, high-performing decentralized renewable energy (DRE) systems, efficient appliances, and batteries.

The pandemic has also created a "teachable moment" for New Energy Nexus and Power for All around the critical development issues of food security, jobs, and health, which can all be transformed through DRE solutions.

Since its selection as one of the Top 100 in the 100&Change competition, New Energy Nexus has continued to progress towards its goal of ending energy poverty. The "Energy Microgrids" course empowers clean energy entrepreneurs and drives change.

New Energy Nexus and Power for All are excited to present their latest video highlighting their collaboration and innovation. The video offers an exclusive peek into implementing the "Energy Microgrids" curriculum and showcases the collaboration's impact on the clean energy sector. This curriculum is part of a clean energy online school and is initially aimed at start-up entrepreneurs in Asia; and is designed to be scalable, making it possible to reach thousands of entrepreneurs globally.

The video is available on New Energy Nexus' YouTube channel. Lever for Change invites you to watch it and learn more about their mission to end energy poverty faster through empowering clean energy entrepreneurs. We encourage you to share the video with your networks.

For those in Asia, take advantage of the opportunity to transform the energy landscape! Sign up for the New Energy Nexus Online Startup School and join a community of innovators and entrepreneurs driving the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Lever for Change is proud to be a part of this initiative and we will continue to share updates as the partnership progresses.

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This is the third installment in a series of articles describing the impact of funding through Lever for Change's 2021 Swift Grants. Lever for Change was born of the success of the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change challenge and spurred the philanthropic sector to rethink its approach to achieving impact at scale. Founded in 2019 as a nonprofit affiliate of the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Lever for Change has influenced over $1.7 billion in grants to date and provided support to more than 175 organizations.

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