Bold Solutions Network Project Factsheet Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a specific template that we must use for our Factsheets?

No. Lever for Change does not require you to follow any particular format or template for your 2-page Project Factsheet.  We want you to have maximum flexibility to tell your story in your own way in this short format.

What is the required length for our Factsheet?  What information do we have to include?

  1. Factsheets must be 2 PDF pages in length (the front and back of a single sheet of paper if printed).  Longer Factsheets will not be accepted.
  2. You must use standard letter-sized formatting (8.5 x 11).
  3. Factsheets must be sent in PDF format via the secure Image Relay link sent to you by Lever for Change.
  4. Factsheets should outline how your project could use $1M, $5M and/or $10M in resources.
  5. Factsheets should include the month and year of publication.
  6. Factsheets should be created in portrait view not landscape view.

Are there any file size restrictions for the Factsheet?

No. Any file that lives on your computer may be stored and shared via Image Relay.

Can Lever for Change share examples of successful Project Factsheets?

For tips on how to create compelling, concise, and creative Factsheets, please visit these resources:

  1. Facts about Factsheets provides tips and tricks for creating engaging Project Factsheets.
  2. Factsheets Webinar provides high-level insights on creating and using Project Factsheets.
  3. 7 Proposals to Change the World, created for dissemination at AVPN, is a downloadable brochure shows 7 different approaches to Project Factsheets created by 100&Change Finalists from 2017.
  4. We encourage you to visit the Bold Solution Network website and view factsheets submitted by other BSN members.

Why did Lever for Change ask us to submit 3 high-resolution images along with our Project Factsheet?

We plan to put together promotional materials for donors, create content for the Bold Solutions Network website, as well as the Lever for Change website, and promote your work on social media as we move forward. Having additional images that represent your work allows us to create more dynamic content.

Does our Factsheet need to be designed with professional graphics or should it be mostly text-based?

We leave the design choices for your Factsheet up to you.  We want you to illustrate your project in the way that you feel is most compelling.  We recommend that you visit the resources listed above that can help you create a Factsheet that will be true to your organization, fits your style, and tells your story in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Will Lever for Change provide feedback on our Factsheet?

We will not provide you with in-depth feedback on your Factsheet.  We will check Factsheets to ensure that:

  1. The PDF opens
  2. Any hyperlinks you include work properly
  3. Your Factsheet matches the proposal you submitted

We strongly encourage you to be sure that your Factsheet is free from errors and has been thoroughly vetted by your partners and internal processes prior to submitting it to Lever for Change.

Who is the target audience for Bold Solutions Network Factsheets?

Lever for Change is committed to unlocking significant philanthropic capital to accelerate social change. One mechanism for unlocking this capital is by connecting individual philanthropists, family foundations, and wealth advisors with effective teams and their highly-rated projects ready for catalytic investments. We plan to create a marketplace of ideas where we proactively share your work with a range of donors.

Does our Factsheet need to reflect our submitted application?

Yes.  Your Factsheet must correlate to the proposal that was submitted to the competition.

  • You may update the information to reflect new research, statistics, or information.
  • You may scale the project back in order to show how smaller increments of funding such as $1M, $5M, or $10M could be used strategically to advance your work.
  • You may show how the proposed project could expand to a new location as long as that location was part of the initial application.
  • You may incorporate feedback received from judges to clarify or strengthen the Project Factsheet.
  • Should you choose to include time horizons in your Factsheet, you may use a different timeline for expenditures than what is in your original proposal. For example, 3 years vs. 5 years of projected activities.
  • You may propose different ways in which you could use the same increments of funding. For example, “we could use $5M to do to X activity or Y activity.”

You may NOT:

  • Add additional projects not included in the proposal.
  • Significantly change or describe a significantly different project than what was in your initial proposal.

Will it cause confusion that our proposal and video are for a larger budget than what we are proposing in the Factsheet?

No. The donors that we are in regular contact with know that your proposal was for a larger amount of funding.  The video and proposal help to frame your larger vision—while the Factsheet frames how you can strategically make progress with smaller amounts of funding. We see them as complementary to one another.

Can each partner associated with a proposal submit a Factsheet?

No.  Only the Lead Organization (the organization who submitted the proposal for your team) can submit a Project Factsheet. You must work among your various partners to create a single, cohesive Factsheet.

Do I need to create the Project Factsheet to accessibility standards?

In order to be as inclusive as possible, we highly encourage all teams to make their Factsheets accessible to screen reader users.  Here are some tips and guidelines from the MacArthur Foundation on creating accessible PDFs.

Will we receive a Bold Solutions Network logo to use on our Factsheet?

No.  We will be not providing a logo for use on the Factsheets at this time.

Will our Factsheets be part of the judging process?

No. Factsheets are not part of the competition process unless it is an explicit component that you have been asked to submit in order to complete your application.

Is submitting a Factsheet mandatory?

In order to be featured in the Bold Solutions Network and take advantage of the increased visibility and fundraising opportunities, you must submit a 2-page Project Factsheet.  If you choose to not submit a Factsheet, it will not impact your eligibility for the competition in any way. However, projects without a Factsheet will not be featured on the Bold Solutions Network website, and we will not actively promote your project to donors.

Can we use the Factsheet for our own fundraising purposes?

Yes.  We hope that this process will help you create a meaningful document that you and your project partners can use for development purposes.

Can Lever for Change share any open source tools that may help us create engaging Factsheets?

Yes, here are a few recommended resources you may want to explore:

Blog Post What is an infographic? What they are and why they’re useful

Easy to use infographic tools:

  1. Canva
  2. Adobe Spark
  3. Venngage
  4. Piktochart
  6. The Noun Project

Please let us know if you have additional suggestions for easy to use open source infographic tools.

How frequently can we update our Factsheets?

We are still determining the right frequency with which to update information in the Bold Solutions Network.  At this time, we anticipate we will request a refresh of information annually.

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