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In this edition of our quarterly newsletter, we explore the transformative impact of our donors' funding on communities worldwide.

Big Problems, Bold Solutions

December 2023

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A message from our CEO, Cecilia Conrad:

Celebrating a remarkable year at Lever for Change! Having surpassed our initial $1 billion funding goal in 2022, this year we have witnessed the transformative impact of our donors' funding on communities worldwide. In this edition, explore our continuing partnership with the LEGO Foundation, as we launch the Build a World of Play Solutions Hub, and catch up on the progress of the Renewable Thermal Collaborative, a beacon of hope in the fight against climate change. As we close the chapter on 2023, help us fund and champion bold solutions—because even amid global challenges, there's always hope in the power of collective change. Continue reading...

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Build a World of Play Solutions Hub

Today, the LEGO Foundation launched the Build a World of Play Solutions Hub, in partnership with Lever for Change, to continue its commitment to ensure children globally are given opportunities to learn through play. The Solutions Hub features the top 24 ideas that emerged from the Build a World of Play Challenge. We hope the Solutions Hub will inspire and encourage more organizations to invest in bold, innovative, and impactful solutions focused on early childhood.

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Revolutionizing Climate Solutions

Steeped in technology solutions to climate change, the Renewable Thermal Collaborative (RTC) is building a community to transform industry. The RTC, which in 2021 received $10 million in the Lever for Change 2030 Climate Challenge, has used the funding to step into a particularly daunting area of the climate change landscape.

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Celebrate Unity in Action

Join us in celebrating Unity in Action by commemorating the 2023 United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities, which is observed annually on December 3. We’re showcasing seven exceptional proposals from our Bold Solutions Network and larger database that foster inclusivity, health equity, and accessibility for persons with disabilities. Supporting these organizations can fuel their ongoing efforts toward crafting a more equitable and just world for individuals with disabilities. Explore the collection and learn how your support can make a difference.

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Slowing Down in Service of Impact

Unconscious bias is a powerful, subtle force shaping our lives, from daily choices to life-changing decisions. It stems from our brain's need for rapid information processing. It affects everything from restaurant choices, to hiring decisions, to friendships, trust, and so much more. While bias can't be entirely eliminated, awareness and conscious decision-making can help us make higher-quality choices. In this interview between Chicago Beyond and Lever for Change, we explore how to combat unconscious bias in decision-making and a tool developed to help in the philanthropic funding process.

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Swift Grants

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As part of the 2023 Swift Grants, Lever for Change has selected six innovative and collaborative projects for funding. These projects address child literacy, empowering caregivers, expediting electrification to address climate change, and more. Congratulations to the 2023 Swift Grants Awardees!

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Lever for Change in the News

Quarterly Update on Funding: Progress toward $2.5 Billion

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  • To date, we have unlocked more than $1.7 billion in funding for high-impact solutions and strengthened dozens of top organizations.
  • So far, the sponsors of our challenges have given a total of $739 million to outstanding organizations. More than 100 additional donors have contributed $989 million to finalists and other highly rated proposals.
  • Since the Bold Solutions Network’s launch in February 2020, we have shared Network members’ proposals with potential donors a total of 7,449 times.
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