Transformative Initiatives Changing the World: 100&Change Impact Stories

In the world of philanthropy, the 100&Change competition stands out for its potential to catalyze meaningful solutions for some of the biggest problems of our time. Among the 1,904 impressive projects submitted in the inaugural round of the competition, four finalists stood out for their unique approach, strong partnerships, and vision for achieving impact. This series provides an update on these initiatives and their achievements over the past five years.

100&Change logo 2021
Credit: MacArthur Foundation

As we look to address some of the world's most pressing challenges, the need for innovative solutions and collaborative efforts becomes increasingly important. The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation's 100&Change competition is a prime example of such actions. This competition invites organizations from around the world to propose bold solutions to complex social issues for a chance to receive a multi-year $100 million grant. The stories featured below are from the 100&Change 2017 awardees and finalists and showcase their incredible work over the past five years.

The four stories featured highlight the power of innovative solutions and collaborative efforts that, when funded over time and at scale, can be transformational. Each story showcases a unique approach to tackling complex social issues, from ending preventable newborn deaths in sub-Saharan Africa with NEST360 to addressing malnutrition in vulnerable populations with HarvestPlus. These stories showcase how the awardee and finalists of the 100&Change 2017 competition leveraged their grant funding to make lasting and systemic change in their respective communities. These stories serve as inspiring examples of how large philanthropic investments can make a meaningful difference and have the potential to shift how we conceptualize the role of philanthropy in catalyzing long-term sustainable impact at scale.

100&Change Impact Stories:

NEST 360: Something 'amazing' happened

HarvestPlus: Growing resilience

Changing the Way We Care: Creating A Catalyst

Ahlan Simsim: The Power Ripple Effect of Playful Learning

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