Fundraising 101 Video Series by Marts&Lundy

With over 100 years of providing consulting and systematic support for fundraising and the social justice sector, our social impact partner Marts&Lundy works to help nonprofits, including organizations from our Bold Solutions Network, reach and sustain their philanthropic potential.


Marts&Lundy created an informational series on fundraising best practices curated by its intersectional and dynamic team of consultants, catered specifically for nonprofits with bold solutions ready to be funded. The series covers the basics of fundraising strategy including leveraging moments of visibility, strategies for successful fundraising campaigns, and how to use the communications to advance fundraising goals. You can tap into Marts&Lundy’s expertise with the videos below!

Leveraging the Moment

You just received a large grant. Now what? In this video, Marts&Lundy provides tips on making the most of your fundraising achievement to ensure long-term success.

Credit: Marts&Lundy

Philanthropy 101

What types of donors should you pursue? How do you design a successful fundraising campaign? In these videos, Marts&Lundy provides guidance on donor cultivation and factors for successful engagement.

Part 1:
Credit: Marts&Lundy
Part 2:
Credit: Marts&Lundy

Communications Strategy

Need to share your organization’s story but don’t know where to start? Marts&Lundy provides a starting point for planning a communications campaign.

Credit: Marts&Lundy

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