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There is no question that organizations have the powerful ideas and high-impact models needed to solve some of the world’s most pressing challenges. What they do not always have is access to the capital needed to further develop and implement those ideas. Lever for Change is working with philanthropists to sponsor competitions that will offer transformational grants of $10 million or more. A key goal of Lever for Change is to help philanthropists identify investable strategies to have impact and to strengthen the ability of participating organizations to achieve greater results at a deeper scale. Our platform invites applicants to think big and be bold as they strive for impact.

How we support applicants

In 2019, Lever for Change launched three competitions, including MacArthur’s 100&Change. There are many benefits to participating in a Lever for Change competition.  As part of each competition’s process, applicants receive feedback from experts within their field, and top applicants receive technical support to help strengthen their readiness and ability to have the impact they seek.

How we share your proposals with other potential funders

Through the MacArthur Foundation’s 100&Change competition, we found that publicly sharing the vetted proposals led to additional funding and collaboration well beyond the scope of the competition. The MacArthur Foundation awarded $145 million to 100&Change finalists and was able to leverage more than $319 million in additional funding from other philanthropists to support applicants.

The top applicants in the competitions managed by Lever for Change will have the opportunity to gain greater visibility for funding from an array of philanthropists by being listed in the Bold Solutions Network. Lever for Change will share this public database of the top-rated, vetted proposals on our website starting in 2020 and will use it to curate lists of philanthropic funding opportunities outside the competitions. In other words, even if a proposal is not selected as an award recipient in a competition, it could still receive visibility and exposure to other philanthropists that lead to future funding.

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