For Bold Solutions Network Members

Bold Solutions Network members are eligible to access learning and technical support opportunities in the form of webinars, pro bono services, coaching, workshops, cohort support and peer networking. These opportunities are designed to continue to help strengthen members' project design and plans, as well as to increase the impact of their work.

Lever for Change is pleased to offer the following opportunities:

Catchafire Membership

Catchafire is an online platform and service designed to address the wide-ranging and complex needs of nonprofits by connecting them with global talented pro bono professionals. In partnership with Lever for Change, Catchafire will provide over 100 participating Bold Solutions Network member organizations with support on a variety of organizational and operational needs, including marketing, finance, technology, and human resources. In addition to gaining access to their diverse and talented community of skills-based volunteers from around the world, Bold Solutions Network members will benefit from Catchafire's suite of educational programming and dedicated team of Nonprofit Advisors. This opportunity is open to all Bold Solutions Network member regardless of your geographic location. If you are not already taking advantage of the Catchafire membership and would like to learn more, please contact us.


IMAGO Global Grassroots
IMAGO Learning Opportunities: Organizational Resilience and Feminine Leadership in Challenging Times

We are living extraordinary times, seeing more clearly than ever before the cracks of a system that is no longer working for our communities, for our organizations and for ourselves. COVID-19 has been an accelerator to societal change throughout the world. We are called to adapt, be nimble and to be bold. We are called to be resilient. We are called for courageous and transformational leadership. 

IMAGO Global grassroots is offering members of the Bold Solutions Network to think about what their organizations are going through in this extraordinary moment of reflection and reinvention, and to start planning and taking the actions such as thinking through alternative leadership approaches that can bring greater resilience not only for the post-COVID-19 world, but also for a complex moment of transformation.

In June and July, 2020, IMAGO offered a webinar series on Organizational Resilience. In August, IMAGO offered an additional webinar package on Feminine Leadership, which invited organizations to explore the traits of feminine leadership and how they can be used as tools for transformation within an organization.


Nonprofit Utopia
Collaboration for Impact Workshop Series

Nonprofit Utopia is the ideal community for emerging nonprofit leaders who want to develop their own leadership potential while building sustainable organizations. Nonprofit Utopia works with organizations to solve some of their most pressing problems through an online community, consulting, coaching, and courses on-demand.

In September, Nonprofit Utopia will offer a Collaboration for Impact workshop series. This three-part series is for BSN organizations looking for a deeper dive in strengthening existing partnerships and laying firm foundations for entering new strategic alliances. Workshop topics include exploring collaboration models and collective impact, structuring memorandums of understanding and using technology to facilitate collaboration. Participants will also be eligible to receive follow-up coaching from Nonprofit Utopia.


Sattva Institutional Building Support for BSN Members Working in India

Sattva is a social impact consulting, advisory, and research organization based in India. In partnership with Lever for Change, Sattva will provide participating Bold Solutions Network (BSN) member organizations working in India with institutional building support in areas including organizational strategy, monitoring and evaluation, talent management, board and governance, and fundraising and marketing.

Starting in July 2020, Sattva will offer a combination of expert-led online webinars, workshops, one-to-one mentoring sessions and customized advisory engagements. In addition, participants will also gain access to an online repository of resources including frameworks, templates, and how-to toolkits to cover guidance in select areas of institutional building. Eligible BSN members will receive invitations via email to attend an orientation session on Sattva’s offerings.


Voice Activated
Voice Activated Public Speaking Workshops

BRYN FREEDMAN, an award-winning investigative reporter, TED Talks speaker coach and lifelong Story Teller, is offering three Public Speaking workshops for Bold Solutions Network Members. The workshop is a fun, skills-based, communication class that is good for both beginners and experienced speakers. Participants will learn the 5 secrets of EAS²E and find out the essential qualities that every speaker must possess. Speakers will learn how to “own the room,” they will discover why authenticity is king (or queen), how to handle curve ball questions, and how to make themselves unforgettable. Classes will last 90 minutes and will be offered via Zoom starting in August 2020. Participants will also be eligible for follow-up sessions with Bryn Freedman for more in-depth coaching.


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Future Programming

More opportunities for Bold Solutions Network members will be offered in the coming months. Members will be invited to these activities through email invitations. Stay tuned!

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