About the Bold Solutions Network

The Bold Solutions Network is a searchable online collection of summaries of highly-rated, rigorously evaluated proposals or, “bold solutions,” that emerge from open competitions managed by Lever for Change. Lever for Change launched the Bold Solutions Network as a vital component of our mission to accelerate social change and help philanthropists overcome the challenges that often prevent them from achieving their philanthropic ambitions. Research shows that while many philanthropists aspire to make “big bets” for social change, they often struggle to find, evaluate, and fund high-impact philanthropic opportunities, in part because they do not have the expertise or dedicated staff these efforts require. This challenge leaves non-profits and other changemakers under-resourced and unable to scale their programs. Lever for Change’s Bold Solutions Network aims to fill these gaps by building a pipeline of organizations ready to accelerate social change and matching those organizations with philanthropists ready to achieve their ambitions. For participating nonprofits, the Bold Solutions Network offers ongoing learning and networking opportunities to strengthen the impact of their work, raise their visibility, and increase their potential to secure increased funding.

Our Approach

The Bold Solutions Network was designed to:

  • Provide an innovative approach to identifying the most effective, enduring solutions aligned with donors’ philanthropic goals;
  • Allow funders to benefit from rigorous evaluation and due diligence;
  • Offer donors and their advisors information that informs their strategy; and
  • Help highly rated proposals surfaced through Lever for Change competitions gain visibility for funding.

The Bold Solutions Network allows you to search for projects in your interest area(s) on your own, or with the support of Lever for Change, which can help you refine your philanthropic interests. Pulling from the publicly available proposal summaries, and with additional staff analyses and evaluative information provided from outside reviewers, Lever for Change provides curated lists of proposals based on your philanthropic goals. We also broker connections to organizations and advise on structuring grants. Donors who are considering providing significant financial support to Bold Solutions Network proposals should contact Dana Rice, Vice President of Philanthropy.

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