Leveraging Your Bold Solutions Network Membership

Lever for Change's Vice President of Philanthropy, Dana Rice, offers tips for how we can work together to capitalize on your status as a Bold Solutions Network member.

Each competition managed by Lever for Change generates many compelling and fundable ideas. Lever for Change is committed to raising the visibility of all the highly rated solutions that emerge from our competitions and to helping them secure the funding they need to scale their impactful projects. We share these tips with Bold Solutions Network members to help you leverage your accomplishment as a top applicant in a Lever for Change competition.

The Bold Solutions Network is a vital component of our mission to unlock significant philanthropic capital to accelerate social change. We encourage donors and their advisors to use the Network to fully benefit from the open sourcing, rigorous evaluation and due diligence during the competition and easily discover organizations whose projects are impactful and investment-ready. Many of you already capitalize on your Bold Solutions Network membership, but here are a few additional ideas from the Lever for Change team:

  1. Share the news of your accomplishment with everyone in your network, especially current and lapsed donors, prospective donors, and your staff. You could do this in a newsletter, on social media, in an email blast, or all three. Make sure to identify the project that was submitted, explain how rigorous the evaluations have been, and encourage donors to support your project and your organization.
  2. As part of the competition process, you submitted a 90-second video pitching your project and a two-page factsheet that succinctly summarizes your solution. These are compelling marketing pieces that many prospective donors would find interesting. Both of these materials are showcased on your Bold Solutions Network proposal page, so be sure to share the link to your profile page when you communicate with interested donors and on your social media platforms.
  3. Add your status as a top applicant to your website and in your marketing collateral materials. Link to your profile page on the Bold Solutions Network and indicate that your proposal was selected as a top applicant.

Meanwhile, our team at Lever for Change will continue to work on increasing the visibility of your project and organization, and to encourage more funding of both. Should a donor express interest in your work and request to be introduced to your organization, we will connect them with you right away. Alternatively, some donors may reach out to you directly. We cannot connect you with donors in our network unless an introduction is requested by the donor. In an effort to spark donor conversations with Bold Solutions Network members, we will:

  1. Promote Bold Solution Network members on our website, the competition website, and in our newsletters.
  2. Share marketing materials that showcase Bold Solution Network members with donors and wealth and philanthropic advisors who might be interested in your work. Lever for Change also shares full proposals and due diligence with donors who have requested additional information on proposals. For more details about the information that we share with interested donors, view our data sharing policy.
  3. Widely share links to the Bold Solutions Network. The general public, donors and their advisors can use the “Explore” feature to independently discover your proposals. Users can filter their search by philanthropic interest areas, geography, priority populations, and relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Ask our competition judges, many of whom are known in the philanthropic sector and affiliated with funders, to use social media to share their participation in the competition and links to the Bold Solutions Network.
  5. Host events with interested funders tied to specific competitions to showcase outstanding solutions. Should you have a donor event where you feel it would be useful to have a representative from Lever for Change attend, please let us know.

As a Bold Solutions Network member, you will receive a quarterly newsletter from Lever for Change with updates on our progress with regard to sharing Bold Solutions Network proposals with interested donors.

As we raise the visibility of your proposal with our donor network, we cannot anticipate when potential donors may reach out to you directly. Our goal is to connect you with interested donors as fast as possible, but, as you know, donor cultivation often takes time. We will continue to promote your proposal with interested donors as long as you are a member of the Bold Solutions Network.

We hope that we can work together and use the Bold Solutions Network to spark discussions that lead to increased support for your work. We don't want you to miss the opportunity to leverage your highly rated proposal in a Lever for Change competition. More than ever, Lever for Change is committed to working with you to advance positive social change around the world. We hope that you can leverage this platform to continue, if not accelerate, your impactful work.

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