Honoring the Backbone of Our Communities

As you wake up and get ready for your day, you may not realize the countless caregivers out there who are already up and working hard to care for the most vulnerable members of our society. These incredible individuals are the backbone of our communities, delivering essential care to those who need it most. On Caregiver Appreciation Day, we want to honor and appreciate caregivers for their tireless efforts.

Children and caregivers play outside, holding hands and standing in a circle
Credit: Build a World of Play Finalist, Lively Minds

According to a 2020 study by AEI-Brookings, an estimated 22 to 26 million American adults are currently caring for adult family members or friends who need assistance. That's a vast number of people dedicating their time and energy to caring for others. And what's even more extraordinary is that more than half of those caregivers also have regular jobs. That means they're balancing work and caregiving responsibilities every single day.

Caregivers are making a difference not only in the United States but also in other parts of the world, such as India and Africa. In these regions, families are often the primary caregivers for children, the sick, and the elderly. Unlike in other, more developed parts of the world, these caregivers may not have access to the same formal care systems, placing a greater burden on the caregiver.

We are proud to highlight some of the outstanding projects in our Bold Solutions Network that support caregivers. Each organization featured in the collection below is working to improve the lives of caregivers and the systems they're working within. For example, Family Values @ Work, a caregiving network active in 27 states, is fighting for the rights of caregivers across the country. They believe everyone should have the right to rest, heal and care for a loved one through national solutions for paid family and medical leave, paid sick and safe days, and affordable childcare. Similarly, Lively Minds empowers marginalized parents and caregivers to become change-makers in their children's lives, helping hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers, children, and rural communities thrive in Ghana and Uganda.

These organizations make a real difference in the daily lives of caregivers and the people in their care. By investing in the following projects, we can all play a role in supporting and uplifting vital communities. Let's honor and appreciate caregivers everywhere.

Whether you are an individual looking to make a difference, or an organization seeking to invest in meaningful change, these projects offer a unique opportunity to support great initiatives doing vital work.

We can provide you with additional information about a proposal, facilitate introductions to the organizations, and even share a curated list of organizations if you have specific philanthropic interest areas. Please reach out to Karen Minkel, our Director of Philanthropy, to take the next step in supporting one or more of these compelling and bold solutions.

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