Lever for Change Honored to be Included Among MacKenzie Scott's 286 Teams Empowering Voices the World Needs to Hear

June 15, 2021

Since the inception of Lever for Change in 2019, we have developed and managed nine large-scale challenges to change the world. Working tirelessly toward our goal to unlock $1 billion in philanthropic giving by 2023, we have partnered with dozens of donors and amplified the work of hundreds of people and organizations with bold solutions to address the most intractable problems of our time.

An image of Dr. Cecilia Conrad smiling.
Credit: Dr. Cecilia Conrad

One of the highlights of our day-to-day work is sharing with these outstanding teams that they have been selected to receive funding that will help accelerate their work. Imagine our surprise when, in the midst of announcing Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute as the recipient of the $10 million Lone Star Prize, we found ourselves on the receiving end of similar news as well. Today, our team learned that MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett have included Lever for Change in their latest list of social sector agents of change.

After recovering from our initial shock, we immediately searched the list to see who else was included and were overjoyed to see the work of so many of our partners recognized with grants. From organizations like The Bridgespan Group, Candid, and Charity Navigator, that help us with our strategic thinking, to other organizations that seek to improve the field of philanthropy, like ABFE: A Philanthropic Partnership for Black Communities, the Center for Effective Philanthropy, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy, and the National Center for Family Philanthropy to organizations that have applied for challenges managed by Lever for Change, like Amref Health Africa, Race Forward and Women’s Audio Mission. We couldn’t be more proud to stand among these tireless advocates shifting control of philanthropic giving to those closest to the issues we seek to solve and the communities that need the funding most.

We are particularly grateful for MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett’s recognition of the part we play in this ecosystem of partners. Lever for Change makes positive change in the world by unlocking funding for solutions to global challenges. We address issues donors care about through custom competitions and our network of high-impact problem-solvers. However, none of this impact would be possible without funding from generous donors and investors. While we keep public attention focused on our challenges and Bold Solutions Network members, behind the scenes we are constantly seeking ways to improve our model and sustain our operations in the long term. Lever for Change continues to operate thanks to the fees we charge donors for developing and managing large-scale challenges, as well as the grants we receive from far-sighted and game-changing donors.

Lever for Change was seeded with funding from the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation and we remain an independent, nonprofit affiliate of the Foundation. We have also received investments from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Reid Hoffman. Initial funding of $30 million has allowed us to unlock $582 million in funding for outstanding teams in our Bold Solutions Network. This latest funding from MacKenzie Scott and Dan Jewett and, more importantly, the recognition of our work, will allow us to further our mission and accelerate even more change around the world. We believe we are a great investment and welcome additional funders and partners. Please contact Dana Rice, our VP of Philanthropy if you are interested in joining our efforts to empower even more voices the world needs to hear!

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