Leveraging Your Bold Solutions Network Membership

March 25, 2020

While so much has changed in the past few weeks, Lever for Change's commitment to creating a better future for more individuals around the world has not. To that end, Lever for Change's Vice President of Philanthropy Dana Rice offers tips for your organization to use your status as a Bold Solutions Network member. We share these tips with the hopes that they will help you attract significant funding at this critical time for your organization and the world.

Lever for Change’s Bold Solutions Network is a vital component of our mission to unlock significant philanthropic capital for social change. The other vital component is our management of custom competitions. Our experience thus far has proven that these competitions are an effective philanthropic tool for uncovering multiple solutions for donors to confidently support. We are committed to connecting organizations in our Bold Solutions Network with interested funders. Many organizations have already started to capitalize on their new status, but here are a few ideas from the Lever for Change team:

  1. Share the news with everyone in your network, especially current and lapsed donors, prospective donors, and your staff. You could do this in a newsletter, on social media, in an email blast, or all three. Make sure to identify the project that was submitted, explain how rigorous the evaluations have been, and encourage donors to support your project and your organization more generally.
  2. As part of the competition process, you submitted 90-second videos pitching your projects and 2-page factsheets that succinctly summarize your solutions. These are compelling marketing pieces that many prospective donors would be interested in seeing. Both of these materials are showcased on your Bold Solutions Network proposal page, so be sure to share the link to each of these marketing pieces, as well as your proposal page, when you communicate with interested donors and on your social media platforms.
  3. Add your status as a top applicant to your website and in your marketing collateral. Link to your profile page on the Bold Solutions Network and indicate that your proposal was selected as a top applicant.

While you are doing this, we will be working hard to increase the visibility of your project and organization and encouraging increased funding of both. Specifically, we will be:

  1. Widely sharing links to the Bold Solutions Network with wealth and philanthropic advisers and donors.
  2. Sharing descriptions of your organization and project, including your factsheets and videos, with wealth and philanthropic advisers and donors who have requested to see proposals in the issue area or geographic location of your work.
  3. Featuring a rotating group of the proposals on the Bold Solutions Network homepage and on social media. Be sure to follow us on social media so you can share our posts with your networks.
  4. Identifying clusters of solutions to the same challenge and sharing those collections on the Bold Solutions Network, in our newsletter, and with donor collaboratives and others who fund in that program or geographic area. To view an example, click here to see a collection of women’s health proposals.
  5. Asking our competition judges to use social media to share their participation in the competition and links to the Bold Solutions Network.

As we raise the visibility of your proposals with our donor network, we cannot anticipate when potential donors may reach out to you directly, but we hope to start conversations and spark introductions. Lever for Change will reach out to you or will connect a donor with you directly should a donor be interested in supporting your work.

Although we are in unprecedented times, we don't want to miss the opportunity to leverage your impressive accomplishment as a Top100 proposal in MacArthur’s 100&Change and as a new member of the Bold Solutions Network. However, we understand that the global COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating many of the challenges that your organizations address and adversely affecting the most vulnerable communities your organizations work to protect. During this time of acute need, Lever for Change is committed more than ever to working with you to accelerate positive social change around the world. We hope that you can leverage this platform to continue, if not accelerate, your impactful work.

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